A Love Letter from Mum

INTRO: A little advice from mum doesn’t go astray, especially on Mother’s Day. I wrote this poem when my daughters were young adults. They had both left home and were living independently now. I was travelling through Western Australia, thousands of kilometres away from them, in Brisbane, Queensland. I missed them very much. I sent this poem to them on Mother’s Day 2012. Beverley Joy

PODCAST A Love Letter from Mum

As I reflect on my decades of motherhood

I can honestly tell you, my dear child

I put all my effort into being a mum

And I loved and still cherish every moment.

I should have done some things differently

But babies don’t come with an instruction book

My mother was not a good role model

So, I had to work it out as time raced on.

My passion was to be available

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually

I’m thankful for the things I got right

And I’m sorry for the things I got wrong.

I hope you look back on those decades

And smile over all the good times

Of adventures and challenges, we faced

And that those memories will give you strength.

My prayer for you now as you venture out

Into the big wide wonder-filled world

To establish your own adult love and life

Is filled with my simple advice.

Build on the good things I taught you

Be open to learning new skills and beliefs

That will enhance your understanding

Of the complexities of life.

Always tell the truth

No matter how hard it is to do

Be kind and tolerant to those who love you

Accept their differences and agree to disagree.

Forgive others when they hurt you

Remember none of us is perfect

We all hurt each other now and then

Try and see only the good in them.

Don’t settle for mediocrity

For the different world in which you live

Is full of adventure and opportunity

And will take you a lifetime to explore it.

Dive into life and fully immerse

Experience both the good and bad

Learn from the happy and sad

Move on and leave behind the past.

When something doesn’t work out

The way you hoped it would

Go to plan B, C or D

Never stop making future plans.

Write a list and everyday tick

Something off your To-Do list

Items big or small, the object is

Move purposefully till it’s complete.

You are an adult now, just like me

I believe in you, in your ability

To find your own way through this life

I won’t give advice unless you invite me.

I ask one thing when I visit you

Put your phone down and smile “Gidday’

Greet me with a love-filled hug

And tell me “I love you, mum.”

When I’m off on an adventure

Striving to fulfil my planned future

Call me at least once a month

To say, “Hi, how are you, mum.”

Every day get out of bed

Never give up on life

Dig your heels in

Fight the demons within.

Stand tall and strong

In your values and morals

Find real peace, joy, and love

And true meaning in life.

Beverley Joy © 2012 of Simply Story Poetry

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‘There is nothing you can do, to change her love for you.’ A Mother’s Love by Gena Hill. Album released 2021 

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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