Build Your House of Love

INTRO: Build love into our homes this Mother’s Day. This poem compares the building of a house with the building of loving relationships with family and friends in our homes. I wrote this poem in 2014 for my young adult daughters. Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday. Beverley Joy

PODCAST Build Your House of Love

Build your house of love with quality

Materials and craftsmanship

Do not compromise, be persistent

Build it to withstand the storms of life.

Build a foundation with love and trust

A framework of ethics

Bricks of responsibility

Bound together with a mortar of good character traits.

Insert windows that clearly see your future

Doors that open to new adventures and opportunities

Allow plenty of room for personal growth

And furnished with a caring attitude.

Include a fireplace to warm cold hearts

Air-conditioning to cool hot tempers

Comfortable tables and chairs

For daily chats and to solve problems.

A cosy lounge to cuddle each other

A shower to cleanse away stress

A pool to dive into the emotions of life

A garage to house your drive and direction.

Aromas wafting from a kitchen

That draws friends and family into your home

Pictures that reflect life’s experiences

A stereo to dance and sing along too.

A roof of empathy and care

Supported by rafters of goodness

Tiles of truth tired down with

Wisdom and understanding.

In your garden plant and nurture

Seeds that will blossom into

Contentment and peace

And strength of character.

Secure your home

From uninvited foe

Of ignorance and foolishness

Harmful behaviour and emotions.

Closely monitor and manage

The building of your house of love

And the finished result will be

A mansion envied by many.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry

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