A Gift to Our Family

INTRO: This poem says thank you to the family and friends who selflessly help families who are suffering from loss or hardship. The three flowers I mention in the poem, all bloom in harsh environments. I chose this photo as it reflects the pricelessness of a physical gift to adequately say thank you to these beautiful people. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – A Gift To Our Family

You came to us in our time of loss

And kindly offered a step up

You understood, you helped where you could

You listened with your heart

You didn’t blame or judge.

A card is inadequate to express

The value of your life to us

The loyalty and care you possess

For our family.

A gift is too inexpensive

To show the quality, so priceless

Of your faithfulness

Toward our family.

I thank God every day

For gifting you to our family

A Desert Rose

A Lotus flower

A Lilley of the Valley

Beverley Joy © 2021 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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