My Sin is Removed

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in 2014 after writing my poem “Christ Lives in Me.’ I was riddled with guilt and shame over my old life and struggling to believe Isaiah 43:25 and Psalm 103:12. Over time, with much prayer and study of God’s Word, I was able to believe, without a doubt, that God has indeed, forgiven and separated me from my sin as far as the east is from the west. Beverley Joy

PODCASTMy Sin is Removed

God tears down every false idol,
Sinful behaviour and thoughts
That I had once prioritised
That consumed my previous life.

God removes my sin stone by stone
Then he crushes the stones to dust
All the dust is blown away
God does this for His own sake.

God has separated me from my sin
Through the blood of Jesus Christ
As far as the East is from the West
He remembers them no more.

I refuse to be defined by my previous life
Digging around in the graveyard dirt
Reminding myself or describing it,
I will not dwell on shame and guilt.

I turn my back and walk away
With my sins forgiven, I will obey
His Spirit has commenced already
Building godly character in me.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Isaiah 27:9, Isaiah 43:25, Psalm 103:12
Matthew Henry’s Commentary of the Whole Bible 1960 Marshall, Morgan & Scott
The Zondervan NIV Study Bible 1985 Zondervan Michigan U.S.A.

Jesus replies “What sin are you crying over?” What Sin Morgan Cryar 1998

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