The Harmony of Life is Out of Tune


The true story of Sarah continues. Although Sarah loved to play the classical music of Franz Liszt on her piano, no tune could soothe her broken heart. The death of her infant child was more than she could bear. It was the last straw of a string of disappointments throughout her young adult life.

There was little community help for Sarah and her family back in the 1960s. There is now organisations that offer support when families have lost a child like whom Kate spoke with when she was writing this story. Beverley Joy

It is Mental Health Week in Australia. Each year since 2011, when Kate Kelsen the young Australian author wrote the first edition of The Wilted Rose, she has posted this story to highlight the importance of providing support for families suffering the grief of loss. Beverley Joy.

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Part 2 – The Rose Blossom

Aileen helped Sarah and her grandchildren, and Vivienne and the rest of Sarah’s family did what they could to support Sarah and Jack through the difficult time.  Over the weeks, Sarah listened disinterested to the condolences from many well-meaning friends and relatives, who profusely reminded her that if she trusted God, her pain would be relieved.

Her sadness was more than she thought anyone else, even Jack or Vivienne, could possibly understand.

Jack tried to comfort her and help her get well again. Vivienne sat and cried with her sister, but she and Jack quickly realized that Sarah had closed off to everyone. Jack took her back to Dr. Norman in search of help and answers, but all they came away with was a prescription for Valium.

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay

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