The Musical Notes of First Love – The Wilted Rose


The story of Sarah continues. Since moving to Brisbane, Sarah has completed a secretarial course, and six years of piano examinations to fulfil her love of music. She also qualified as a registered nursing sister and is working at Brisbane Royal Hospital.

Now in her mid-twenties, back in the late 1940s, she has recently met a guy at a church community youth meeting and they have been on a few dates. Love is playing its tune in her heart for the first time. Could this be true lasting love? Beverley Joy

Book Excerpt – The Wilted Rose Book – Part 2 The Rose Blossom

Walking to the car, Sarah smiled coyly, her eyes fixed on the footpath. George reached over and pried one of her hands clutching her purse.

She held her breath. He smiled as he held her hand for the first time.
George had a mysterious twinkle in his eye as if he could see right through Sarah’s efforts to contain her awkward nervousness. There seemed to be no fooling him.

They had an exciting evening as they announced to their friends that they were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. At the end of the evening, George pulled up outside Sarah’s house and turned the car off. He turned to face her; his eyes were kind, gentle and welcoming. Although she couldn’t bring herself to look right into them, she couldn’t resist them.

‘Did you have a nice time?’ he asked.
‘Yes, I did, thank you,’ Sarah nodded.
He paused, smiling.

‘Sarah,’ he chuckled. ‘I don’t really know how to say this.’
Sarah looked up at him; for the first time since they’d met, she watched his sleek and confident persona melt away, exposing a sheepish vulnerability.

‘I’ve never felt this way about anybody before. You’re so different.’
He paused, and the silence was filled with the sound of Sarah’s heart pounding in her ears.

‘I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think I’m falling for you. I think I’m in love with you…I’ve been trying to figure out how to say it to you. It is so soon, and I was a little scared of how you might react.’

To be continued…

Kate Kelsen Author © All Rights Reserved

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Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

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