I wrote this poem on a postcard-perfect day while living in Broome Western Australia, on my journey around Australia in a motorhome. The love story of Grace, titled Wilted No More, continues. Grace and her husband, Darren, have travelled across the top of Australia to the northwest coast. Both of them feel relaxed having left their troubles way back east in Queensland. They have travelled through small country towns, and desert land, climbed mountains to take in majestic views and walked through lush green valleys along the way. Now, for a few months, they are staying on the coast where the sun sets over the ocean.

Hundreds of tourists come each day, during the dry season, to Cable Beach at sunset to watch nature’s breathtaking show. Some choose to sit inside a beachfront restaurant, and others sit on the back of a camel for a sunset ride along the ocean’s edge. A select few sail out on a yacht sipping champagne and caviar. Some drive further up the beach in their four-wheel drives, while many others sit on the beach. Late in the afternoons, Grace and Darren would perch on their favourite ‘rock,’ along the foreshore away from the crowds, sipping cheap wine and snacking on crackers and cheese while they waited for nature’s show to begin. They loved their new simplified uncomplicated life in which they were discovering so many unrushed, enjoyable experiences. Beverley Joy.

Poem – Let’s

Audio – Let’s

Let me lay in your arms, rest a while, and feel your heartbeat close to mine

As we watch the sunrise to a new day as it bursts free from the horizon

Let’s watch the sunset over the ocean as it paints a golden pathway toward us.

Let’s lay on a blanket in the countryside

And watch the grass and trees sway in the breeze

Watch the cloudy sky light up at sunset

Colours evolving from yellow to blood red.

Let’s hold hands as we walk through a city garden

Stop to smell the roses and touch the trees

Listen to the waterfall as we cool our feet.

Let’s listen to the crackle under our shoes

As we hike through the bush to the mountain view

Let’s discover the different flora and fauna,

And breathe in Australian nature.

Let’s swim in the ocean, sand between our toes

Waves splashing and the sun’s warmth on our skin.

Let’s walk beside a creek that winds through a valley

Sit under a big shady tree and gaze up into its foliage green

As the sun sparkles through the leaves

Kiss and hug me, whisper to me.

Let’s visit a big city and a small country town

Chat over dinner, relax over wine

Sing and dance, laugh out loud.

We don’t need big frills or fancy things to create our precious memories

We just need each other and to steal back some time

To experience this beautiful country together.

by Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Photo by Rhand McCoy on Unsplash

Come away with me Norah Jones

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