The Journey of True Love


Grace had travelled a roller coaster journey of love through the decades of her life. From a teenager to the time she was 50 years of age love and romance had come and gone in and out of her life. Now she chooses to reminisce about the many good times she had while being in love and not dwell on the bad times. Through all her experiences of love, Grace had known true love, and she still holds hope that she will once again find true love, just like her father did at the age of 75. Well, she doesn’t want to wait that long! The young woman Grace was, entering her first marriage, now seems like a stranger to her. She has matured and mellowed, wised up, and forgiven both herself and her previous loves.

The journey of love has many facets, like the making of a diamond – it is dug out of the dirt where it was found, then cleansed, cut and refined to finally sparkle in brilliance and shine forth happiness. Beverley Joy.

Poem – The Journey of True Love

Audio – The Journey of True Love

Our journey of love from babe to old age

Loving and being loved. Holding and being held.

Protecting and feeling safe.

True love provides a witness to our life

It says you matter, you were here,

“I watched you, I accepted you. I ‘get’ you.”

True love warms our heart

Love, fragile as fine china

Love strengthens our resolve

Priceless as diamonds and gold.

The journey of love is like that of a rose

Love grows from bud to full bloom

Then loving memories are kept as potpourri to treasure forever.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry ©2020. All Rights Reserved.

Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

The Book of Love Peter Gabriel

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