The Journey of True Love

The qualities of true love grow and develop over time.

Going To The Chapel of Love

Introduction: The true story continues with Sarah standing in front of the mirror in a wedding dress. Who is she marrying? What happened between George and Sarah? Did Sarah change her mind? And who is Jack? Beverley Joy Book Excerpt - The Wilted Rose Part 2 - The Rose Blossom: Sarah had seen many different... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Care – Women of the Bible

INTRO: As Mother's Day approaches, I have reposted this poem based on the Bible Story of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, Naomi and Ruth. Although great tragedy struck their family, Ruth proves herself a devoted daughter-in-law, wife and mother. Beverley Joy. PODCAST - A Daughter's Care Young and beautiful, pleasant, and married To a strong... Continue Reading →

Footprints of Love

INTRO: I wrote the last verse for my brother and his wife's thirty-five wedding anniversary. They live in a beautiful seaside town, which inspired the theme of this poem. I have added two verses to explain the inspiration of the poem. They are the family members that live 800km away from me that I wrote... Continue Reading →

God says ‘Leave Them With Me’

INTRO: I wrote this Christian devotional poem this week in response to conversations I had this week with some dear sisters in Christ. The time frame of this poem covers decades of my own life of being strongly challenged (disciplined) by God to trust Him with my unsaved family members and friends. This poem is... Continue Reading →

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