God says ‘Leave Them With Me’

INTRO: I wrote this Christian devotional poem this week in response to conversations I had this week with some dear sisters in Christ. The time frame of this poem covers decades of my own life of being strongly challenged (disciplined) by God to trust Him with my unsaved family members and friends. This poem is written in a general dialogue style between God and us, his precious children. Beverley Joy.

AUDIO – God says ‘Leave Them With Me’

I’m speaking from experience

When your marriage is challenging

You’ve said” We need help”

But your spouse won’t hear of it.

The loss of connection with a spouse or a child

That has disengaged and won’t communicate

The joy of that relationship

Crumbled in pieces at your feet.

The loss of a marriage that started in deep love

But over the decades has faded and gone

Pride and sin have poisoned through

The tender love you both once knew.

Loosen the tight grip of your will for them

Hoping they will change and stop how they behave

A yearning that they will return to you

The love you give so earnestly.

Letting go leaves a hole in your heart

It exposes the truth of your relationship

That you can no longer avoid

You must accept you cannot change them.

When your faith shows in how you behave

They distance themselves from you

Your communication is strained

They can’t relate to your new faith.

You’ve lived for years in the hope

That you will win them over

That your life will be a beacon

That shines brightly to save them.

But then, it becomes obvious

That God’s plan, and yours, are not the same

“But wouldn’t I be the perfect choice

To ‘win’ them over to you, LORD?”

God says “No, your turn is over

It’s time for you to entrust them to me

I’m the one who saves

You’re the one who prays.”

“It’s time for you to learn to pray

In joyful hope and anticipate

Praising me in thankful trust

That My will is done, in My timing and way.”

Loosen your stranglehold on them

Stop quoting scripture to save them

Pointing your finger at their sin

Drumming your fingers, impatient for change.

You’re the one who needs to change

It’s time for you to go to My school

Open your Bible and study it deeply.

Day in day out focus on Me

Build your knowledge of My personality

The great I AM, the King of all kings

The Almighty God is recorded in history.

“I am love, I am just

I forgive, I draw near

I transform hearts of stone

I AM the one who saves nations.

I parted the mighty sea

I saved millions in history

I destroyed their enemies

Right before their very eyes.

I crumbled to dust the mighty fortresses

I built cities of splendour and wealth

And I build up my people on earth.

Get down on your knees

And focus on Me

Pray and read until you see

Answered prayer

I love your spouse, your family

More than you have loved them

I love you more than you have loved Me

That’s why you need to focus on Me.

I’ve left you a story in the Bible

Of Leah, the unloved wife of Jacob

She tried for many years to win his love

Then she turned and drew from Me

The love she desperately needed.

Human love cannot satisfy the deep wounds of humankind

Only My love, my peace, can soothe and heal

The raw wounds that your heart bleeds.

My love and grace are the soothing balm

Let Me hold your wounded heart in My palms

Let Me touch it, let My mercy cleanse.

Cleanse away the dirt and sin

Of your past, that has caused bad memories

Let Me shine so bright in your life

‘Til there’s no spot where darkness hides.

Sit with Me at the well

Drink My living water

Feel the cool breeze of My Spirit

Flows through your mind to cleanse it.

I hold the whole world in My hands

And in there, I hold your spouse and child

Come to Me with your heavy burden

And rest in My arms that have forgiven.

I want you to spend lots of time with Me

Build deep knowledge of Me

So, you can rest in My joy and peace

Which passes human understanding.

Serve your loved ones resting in My peace

Your love for them reflects your love for Me

Let My joy and love flow to them through you

And draw on Me for the love you need.

Beverley Joy © 2021of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Marek Studzinski from Pixabay

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