I turn my back and walk away

I turn my back and walk away With My sins forgiven, I will obey His Spirit has commenced already Building Christlikeness in me. A verse from my poem 'My Sin is Removed. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry.

As Far as the East is From the West

God has separated me from my sin Through the blood of Jesus Christ As far as the East is from the West He remembers them no more. A verse from my poem 'My Sin is Removed.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God says ‘Leave Them With Me’

INTRO: I wrote this Christian devotional poem this week in response to conversations I had this week with some dear sisters in Christ. The time frame of this poem covers decades of my own life of being strongly challenged (disciplined) by God to trust Him with my unsaved family members and friends. This poem is... Continue Reading →

Eagle Wings

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem looks at the verse Isaiah 40:31a. It explored the word 'wait'. 'Once we have prayed for help or guidance on something, how do we wait on God?' How does waiting strengthen us? Then, how do we soar on wings like eagles? In my interpretation of the feature image, the lady... Continue Reading →

Christ Lives In Me

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in the first few months after coming back to my Christian faith. The first sermon that I heard, in the first church service that I had attended in 30 years, was titled 'Christ lives in you.' At the time, I was so nervous about falling back into my old... Continue Reading →

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