Eagle Wings

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem looks at the verse Isaiah 40:31a. It explored the word ‘wait’. ‘Once we have prayed for help or guidance on something, how do we wait on God?’ How does waiting strengthen us? Then, how do we soar on wings like eagles?

In my interpretation of the feature image, the lady is looking at the eagle with a longing to soar like an eagle. The eagle is looking directly at the lady, and it is flying toward her to land beside the lady to invite her to ‘come and soar like an eagle’. The lady is not frightened of the eagle as her expression is calm and poised. Beverley Joy

Isaiah 40:31a “But those who WAIT on the LORD shall renew their strength, they will SOAR on wings like eagles.”

PODCAST Eagle Wings

Wait upon the LORD
Not in sorrow, anxiety, and stress

Not in fear and worry about what if’s

Nor impatient towards God’s timing

But wait on God in hopeful, quietly excited anticipation.

Wait upon the LORD
As when waiting for the sun to rise over the horizon

Waiting for the tide to come in and swirl around your feet

Waiting to open a surprise gift

Waiting to hold a newborn babe.

And He shall renew your strength
As when having a drink of cool water when you are parched

A hug and words of encouragement from a caring friend

Rising refreshed from a restful night’s sleep

Or after reading an inspiring passage.

As when the tingles of fresh energy flow through your body

You lift your head up with a sense of fresh determination

Poised on a cliff edge ready to launch with eagles’ wings.

Spread your wings
Test the strength of your wings

Prepare your feet with shoes of peace

And launch yourself into your day

Trusting God – his mercy and grace.

The winds of prayer will propel you

As you breathe in God’s love

Embracing you with strength

Lifting you to soar like an eagle.

Prayerfully patient you anticipate

Then, as you live under God’s watchful eye

With renewed strength, you soar with eagles’ wings.

Beverley Joy © 2015 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Shrikesh Kumar from Pixabay

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