INTRO: I wrote this poem in 2013 and it is based ONLY around a disagreement and argument within a family or friendship in which loved ones are angry and hurt by actions and words from both sides and where it is possible to mend relationships. This poem is NOT about abusive, destructive relationships which, from my own experience, require professional and/or deep spiritual guidance. In these seriously abusive relationships, forgiveness is a necessary, complex, and challenging process, and a major step to equip us to move on from the experience. In some of these circumstances, for our own safety and health, we cannot mend the relationship instead, we need to walk away from the relationship. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is what we ask of another

So, we can feel that justice has been done

We’re hurt and bruised by words and actions

An apology will soothe our wounded hearts.

But the way of forgiveness is rarely complete

Until both parties ask to be forgiven

“But I’m not at fault. I’m the victim” we say

“I’m right, you’re wrong” is often our complaint.

Are any of us innocent of harmful words and actions?

Have we never judged or criticised others?

Have we never lost our temper?

Or thought private, revengeful thoughts?

Our vision may be clouded by false perspective

Our understanding may lack wisdom

With investigation comes new information

We may discover our truth to be false.

Just apologise to family and friends

Humbly ask for their forgiveness

For the times we have hurt their feelings

With thoughtless words or actions.

Be the one to start the trend

Clear the past of ill feelings and revenge

Be the one to soothe old pains

Give opportunity to create change.

Forgiveness sets both parties free

Clears the mind, makes way for peace

It corrects misunderstandings

It empowers and energises.

Stop pecking each other like chooks in a pen

Stop grovelling, stop squabbling

Spread our wings and fly free

High above mediocrity.

Sore like an eagle

Strong and graceful

Open our minds to higher thoughts

Grander achievements of notable worth.

Beverley Joy © 2013 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Marek Studzinski from Pixabay

‘I Forgive You’ song by John Burland
This may look like a children’s video, but it is an amusing look at forgiveness. 3 minutes.
This is a powerful explanation of forgiveness. 10 minutes.

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