Choose to Forgive

INTRO: I wrote this poem at a time when I felt stuck in life. Challenges from my troubled upbringing were proving difficult to get unstuck from the mud of my past. I was reaping the results of ignorant bad decisions that I had made over the years. It is easy to say, ‘I forgive you.’ But it was gaining the knowledge of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of forgiveness that was equipping me to finally move out of, and on from the quagmire of my past life experiences. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – Choose To Forgive

Have you ever cried “I’ll never forgive my

Mother, father, brother, sister, spouse or relative

For what they have done or said about me,

I can’t even forgive myself for my own stupidity.”

When we withhold forgiveness, we’re the ones who suffer

The ‘guilty’ person may not know that we’re upset and mutter

They just go about their day while we cry in pain and anger.

Our lives are evidence of our choices

We make mistakes along life’s way

Sometimes we act on misinformation

We end up doing stupid things.

Our parents raised us the way they knew best

Somewhat based on how their parents did

Sometimes misinformed they equipped us

For the complex land of ‘adulthood’.

To blame our family, spouse or children

For mistakes they have made is fruitless

It is foolish to own the misery of hate

And screw up our life just to demonstrate.

 To prove to the world your life message

‘It’s your fault I’m poor, lonely, unhappy…

So now you can grow old watching me suffer.”

Blaming others gets us nowhere

When a deed is done, well, it’s in the past

Griping about it changes nothing

Whining and moaning is simply childish.

When we choose to forgive

That starts a ripple effect

For when we change, others change too

As they respond to our new behaviour.

Forgiveness does not mean relationships mend

You may have nothing more to do with them

The relationship may need to change

Spend less time together, or move away.

Forgiveness is getting up and walking away

From sitting in the mud puddle on memory lane

Sitting in the pain, the conversations and actions

Of past events and attached emotions.

There’s no shame in asking for help

To lift you up and walk alongside

While you learn to live, from today,

Free from the shackles of yesterday.

So, be selfish and choose to forgive

As forgiveness is in your best interest.

Beverley Joy © 2012 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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