Footprints of Love

INTRO: I wrote the last verse for my brother and his wife’s thirty-five wedding anniversary. They live in a beautiful seaside town, which inspired the theme of this poem. I have added two verses to explain the inspiration of the poem. They are the family members that live 800km away from me that I wrote about in the poem titled ‘Distant Family and Friends.’ Beverley Joy

PODCAST – Footprints of Love

As I walked along the shoreline

The summer sun scorched my bare arms

The warm breeze was singing in my ears

The ocean was surging around my feet.

I looked behind me and I could see

A trail of my footprints along the beach

Some were high above the tide line

When this image of love came to my mind.

The tide may rise but will not wash away

The sun may scorch but will not bake dry

The wind may blow but will never hide

Your footprints of love are stamped on my heart.

Beverley Joy © 2018 of Simply Story Poetry All Rights Reserved.

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Image by marikoabe from Pixabay

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