Tell the Truth to Each Other

INTRO: Who was I to believe? How was I going to solve this dilemma? I loved both dearly. I wrote this poem at a time when I had two family members telling me two different stories of the same event, both sides vowing they were telling the truth. I had to be the judge and jury and decide who was telling me the truth. I couldn’t believe that one of them was lying to me.

The first three verses of this poem, reflect the confronting conversation between myself and the family member that I suspected of lying. Sometimes the guilty person is too proud to admit the truth and they insist on telling ‘white’ lies and thus fail to mend close relationships. This was, unfortunately, the devastating result of my experience which prompted me to write this poem.


Verse four flashes to a medieval battle scene, then back to the living room of a modern family. I chose to take the high road and write about hope. After arguing and accusing, both sides stop fighting and realise that they must work at mending the damaged trust and help both sides to overcome and move forward, otherwise the price will be too high and the wounds too deep and painful.

I have previously written two poems about forgiveness – Choose to Forgive and Forgiveness which you may want to read. I chose this featured image for two reasons: First, I have written several poems about the puzzles of life, and second, because this image reflects the confusion, I was experiencing at the time of writing this poem.

To read my poems about the puzzles of life, search ‘puzzle’ on my website. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – Tell the Truth to Each Other

The truth is always black and white

Yet you paint over it with grey

A subtle picture you create

That tells a story that is frayed.

You think you will get what you desire

But you haven’t considered the consequence

Lies push those who love you away

With hurt emotions and feeling betrayed.

Setting one against the other

Fighting a battle you created

Evidence that doesn’t exist

Family feuds and unity split.

A ray of truth breaks through the grey cloud

And reflects on their weapons, their actions astound

They throw down their armour, protecting their heart

They throw down their swords, vowing peace at last.

“Enough is enough” loved ones say boldly

Time to grow up, live in truth, be adult

With hands reached out, they say with love

“Let’s move up to the higher ground.”

“When we look at the other, it’s a mirror reflecting

So let’s stop criticizing and judging

Your challenge is our challenge

Your lesson is our lesson

We breathe the same air

Our hearts beat in unison.”

“Let’s live and laugh, stumble and cry

Together, in honesty and joy

Sister and brother,

Father and mother

Friend and lover.

Tell the truth to each other.”

Beverley Joy © 2010 of Simply Story Poetry. All rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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