Born as a New Page in an Empty Journal

INTRO: When we are born, our book of life is empty. Over time our pages fill up with our life stories. Once the ink dries, we cannot erase what is written, but we can think and plan, to some degree, what we wish to write on future pages. I wrote this poem years ago, back... Continue Reading →

Tell the Truth to Each Other

INTRO: Who was I to believe? How was I going to solve this dilemma? I loved both dearly. I wrote this poem at a time when I had two family members telling me two different stories of the same event, both sides vowing they were telling the truth. I had to be the judge and... Continue Reading →

We Crave to Satisfy our Voids

We crave to satisfy our voids Our voids are often 'good' things Things that we 'must' have What we crave we worship and serve. A verse from my poem 'God's Rules for Living.' is based on the Ten Commandments. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Make God’s Values Our Voids

By the grace of God let your Holy Spirit Cause us to love others as Jesus loves Make us willing to conform our life Make God's values the voids that we crave. A verse from my poem 'God's Rules for Living.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry.

God’s Rules for Living

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in 2014 after reading Timothy Keller's book 'Counterfeit Gods'. I memorised The Ten Commandments as a child in Sunday School. As an adult, I could say along with the Rich Young Ruler, in Matthew 19:20 "I have kept these rules since my youth." But, from my study of this... Continue Reading →

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