Born as a New Page in an Empty Journal

INTRO: When we are born, our book of life is empty. Over time our pages fill up with our life stories. Once the ink dries, we cannot erase what is written, but we can think and plan, to some degree, what we wish to write on future pages. I wrote this poem years ago, back when I first started writing poetry.

I chose this Feature Image as it shows a compass to give direction in life, a camera to see and record life, photographs to review life and glasses to see life in clarity. Beverley Joy

PODCASTBorn as a New page in an Empty Journal

We are born as a new journal with empty pages

Ready for life to be written upon

Whether these scripts are good or bad

They form the script by which we live.

The first inscription on our page

Is what our parents teach us

As we grow teachers, friends, relatives

Add their script to our life’s page.

As young adults, we start to question

The script that has been written

And a desire to change it a bit or a lot

This desire is natural and most times it’s good.

Our circumstances socially

Financially and emotionally

Are different to when our parents were young.

We must accept they did their best

At raising us as they did

With the knowledge, they had at the time.

Some moral and ethical beliefs

Need not change over time

But some adaptations will be made

With each new generation.

Every day we unconsciously

Act upon small habits

The way we walk, talk, and eat

The way we stand, sit, and think.

Our life history to some degree

Is adopted, learned behaviour

So they can also be unlearned

Or improved to make our lives better.

Beverley Joy © 2010 Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

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