The Poetry of Love

Verses of love that compare love to different elements of nature and music.

Wilted No More

Teenage girl leaves her family home to pursue her first love in a city far away.

A Perfect World – The Wilted Rose

Man and woman falling in love for the first time.

Hold Gently The Rose of Time

When we hold loosely The Rose of Time It falls out of our control due to our lack of a plan Time ticks on through interruptions Energy wanes from frustration. Hold gently The Rose of Time Admir its commanding splendour And its relentless perfection Accept time's methodical tone. A verse from my poem The Rose... Continue Reading →

The Rose of Time

INTRO: I did not have a tick-tock clock for many many years, until 2019 when I bought a quaint secondhand old fashioned wall clock. I have grown to love the constant rhythmic sound. I find it calming and grounding. When my mind starts racing ahead of itself, I hear the tick-tock in the background and... Continue Reading →

The Wilted Rose Poet

My Story Part 2 At 30 years of age, I wrote my first poem about motherhood, after my first daughter was born. I hand wrote the short poem in a pretty card for my mum for Mother’s Day. I found that card while I was sorting through my mum's belongings, after she passed away. The... Continue Reading →

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