The Wind’s Loud Song

I wrote this poem after I stepped out of my Motorhome that winter’s day to take a photo of the vast paddock of grass swaying in the wild wind. Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, Brisbane, Queensland. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – The Wind’s Loud Song

I step outside and it’s blowing a gale

I pull my warm coat tighter

I can’t change the weather

It is what it is, it has a mind of its own.

I don’t think of the negatives

I accept and embrace it

I take a deep breath, feel the wind on my face

It bites at my skin, I laugh into the wind.

I see the grass is dancing today

Swaying to the wind’s loud song

Shimmering from green to gold

In unison across the vast paddock.

It sings its song “We dance today

Thank you wind for coming our way

The dance of colour we only give

On days when you blow so stiff.

The delicate flowers that stand amidst

Bruised and torn, hate the wind’s song

The trees stand firm and strong

Their leaves tossed, desperate to hold on.

My hair now looks like a birds nest

My face is feeling wind burnt

My eyes and cheeks, wet with tears

I’d love to stay, but I must retreat.

It makes no difference to the wind

Whether I like or dislike its effect

Though, I’m glad I stopped to notice

And simply experience it.

Beverley Joy © 2010 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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