The Mortgage Warrior

INTRO: I wrote this poem while I was working as a Finance and Mortgage Broker’s Assistant. I observed in the industry that not all Mortgage Brokers are the same. All the scenarios in this poem were real client situations. This poem is written about the few outstanding brokers who specialize in helping people in difficult financial situations, which many times has not been the fault of the client. Beverley Joy

PODCAST The Mortgage Warrior

People will tell you to “Just call them.”

“If it can be done, they will sort it.”

Finance solutions outside the square

By default, it is a Broker’s flare.

Ordinary people from all walks of life

Who have struck a problem with their finances

Unable to borrow and repeatedly told

“No”, “Not interested” or “Too complicated.”

Lenders demanding margin calls

To withhold client capital growth

Professionals advising when unqualified

Selling property ‘deals’ that are unethical.

Purchases made with family and friends

Handshake deals, loose legal ends

They fall out, breakup, disagree or marry

Now, who pays? How much? Who’s in? Who’s out?

Credit card debt left by the ex

Accumulated tax debt

Credit impaired, a mark on your file

Tax returns that have not been compiled.

Cash-based businesses, disability pension

Accountants who minimize client income

To save them tax and hide the facts

But lenders are not fooled by that.

Acreage so large that lenders won’t touch

Properties too small that land values fall

Low-interest rate with a hidden catch

Lenders that process loans offshore.

People naïve who get conned into ‘deals’

Or life has taken a turn for the worse

Contract workers through no choice of their own

Just want to buy a family home.

A good Mortgage Broker won’t cut corners

To accomplish the best outcome

For loyal clientele

And protect their home.

A good broker reviews a client’s situation

From an open unbiased position

They know there is no easy quick fix

To these finance deals so complex.

There’s a mountain of compliance to climb

A swamp of paperwork through which to wade

A river of questions that flow both ways

A Broker knows the terrain and how to navigate.

Good repour with lenders and negotiation skills

The ability to keep all parties involved

Engaged and committed to the desired end

Reflects years of experience.

A good mortgage broker is the client’s warrior

Going into battle on behalf of these people

An honest, reliable finance achiever

Now that’s a Good Mortgage Broker.

When you are searching for such as this

Don’t compromise, look for the best

Before you commit, put them to the test

Once found, stay loyal, you will never regret it.

Beverley Joy © 2018 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

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