The Mortgage Warrior

INTRO: I wrote this poem while I was working as a Finance and Mortgage Broker's Assistant. I observed in the industry that not all Mortgage Brokers are the same. All the scenarios in this poem were real client situations. This poem is written about the few outstanding brokers who specialize in helping people in difficult... Continue Reading →

She Gave From Her Heart

INTRO: This poem is about the Bible Story of the Woman and the Two Coins. Luke 21:1-4. This was another poem I wrote while a Prison Chaplain at the Women's Correctional Centre in 2017. I wanted to tell this story to encourage the women in prison, that the Chaplains were a representation of God's love... Continue Reading →

Happiness is…Money vs Simplicity

Some people feel happy with lots of money The exciting experiences that it affords Other people don't want abundance They are happy with a simple life. A verse from my poem 'What is Happiness?' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

What is Happiness?

Happiness means different things to different people. I wrote this poem while travelling 6,000kms in a motorhome from Brisbane Queensland across the top of Australia, to Broome in Western Australia. Just sitting back one day, watching people, and reflecting on the meaning of happiness. Beverley Joy PODCAST- What is Happiness? What makes you happy? Money,... Continue Reading →

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