The Door to Wisdom

What is wisdom? Is it only found in religion? Is it a spiritual or a physical quality? Some wisdom that I have gained has come as an after effect of experiencing challenges in life. Some wisdom has come from knowledge I have acquired through education, which has prevented me from making foolish decisions and choices. Common sense and good judgement are qualities of wisdom. For me wisdom is knowledge gained through education and good and bad experiences in life and then drawing on that knowledge that is stored in my mind down through my heart and out into loving actions toward myself and others. I believe that just having knowledge stored in your head is not wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied into intelligent sound actions. Wisdom must be perused continuously throughout life’s journey as we can learn something new every day from everyone and every experience we encounter. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – The Door to Wisdom

Who are we?

Why we are here?

What are we meant to be doing?

Where will we be going?

The answers to these questions

Start the journey to peace and wisdom

These answers we learn from wise souls

Who know true peace and freedom.

Great men and women from history

And from our present day

Who have walked the walk and share their stories

To help others find their way.

As I knock on the door of wisdom

And these people open it wide

I ask what is on the other side

They challenge me to decide.

They hand me Holy Scriptures

And tell me to study it

I open it to the wisdom teachings

And pray for insight and guidance.

Excitement and curiosity flood my soul

As I step through the wisdom door

I open the book and absorb

My ignorance I can’t ignore.

This journey challenges

Everything I was taught to be ‘true’

And what I believe to be

The right way to live and think.

This journey humbles me

And is embarrassing

I must forgive myself, my parents

For raising me in ignorance.

Now that I can find the answers

There is no turning back

To stay ignorant, I cannot accept

Life may not give me a second chance.

Once the door of wisdom opens

If I don’t walk through it now

It will soon shut before me

Leaving me shut in my past.

Then I will never know my purpose

That awaits to embrace me

On the other side of the door

Of wisdom and true thought.

I will be tormented

For the rest of my life

Knowing the way to wisdom

Yet trapped in ignorance.

The only way to walk through the door

From the old room of ignorance

To the new world of wisdom

Is to commit to take that first step.

Every thought and every action

Is to be consciously checked

Against the proven map

Of the wise path of life.

This effort to achieve wisdom

Is awkward and uneasy

Its teachings are foreign to me

It feels like a stranger living in my skin.

But when wisdom becomes second nature

And it becomes my default behaviour

My mind will be set free

From ignorance and mediocrity.

As I leave this room of familiarity

Some people are watching me

I encourage them to follow me

Through wisdom’s narrow door.

For many years now I’ve been living

In wisdom’s wise room of plenty

Listening and studying

Contemplating and questioning.

Beverley Joy © 2014 All rights reserved.

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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