The Door to Wisdom

What is wisdom? Is it only found in religion? Is it a spiritual or a physical quality? Some wisdom that I have gained has come as an after effect of experiencing challenges in life. Some wisdom has come from knowledge I have acquired through education, which has prevented me from making foolish decisions and choices.... Continue Reading →

Knowing God’s Will is one thing, accepting it is another

INTRO: What if we don't like where God is leading us? How do I process uncertainty around God's Will for my life? How do I proceed with God's Will? As I started setting goals for this New Year, I was inspired to write this poem, and last week's poem titled What is God's Will For... Continue Reading →

What is God’s Will for You?

INTRO: It's the summer holiday session in Australia when most church community activities stop from early December till the end of January when the students go back to school, college or university and the new year gets into full swing again. Like me, you probably make plans and set goals for the new year for... Continue Reading →

All the Answers to Your Questions can be Found in the Bible

You pray for wisdom and guidance And God answers you through His Word. A verse from my poem 'Wilderness Roaming' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at

Dad, You Gave The Best Years Of Your Life

I love you dad, you've been my rock Constant, reliable, forgiving and fun You gave us the best years of your life Your money, time, wisdom and faith May God bless you dad, this Father's Day. A verse from my poem 'God, Bless You Dad.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my... Continue Reading →

God has Promised…

God has promised peace, joy, wisdom & strength So, trust in Him, follow His lead, relax your grip, step forward in faith, and hold God's hand that's warm with grace. A verse from my poem 'Walking with Our Heavenly Father'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

A Roof of Empathy and Care

Build Your House of Love, a roof of empathy and care, supported by rafters of goodness, tiles of truth, tired down with wisdom and understanding. A verse from my poem 'Build Your House of Love.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry You can BUY my poems and verses at

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