What is God’s Will for You?

INTRO: It’s the summer holiday session in Australia when most church community activities stop from early December till the end of January when the students go back to school, college or university and the new year gets into full swing again.

Like me, you probably make plans and set goals for the new year for family, work, leisure activities, health, and our personal relationships. Do you even set goals, or do you live reactive to what happens to you at any given moment? There is certainly a place for spontaneity in our daily life, but without a plan, we will live our lives ‘reactive and not proactive’ in life.


But do we set goals for our spiritual life? Which books of the Bible will I read/listen to this year? What passages will I study in-depth? What Christian books will I read? What volunteer work will I do? Do we write out a spiritual plan with the same enthusiasm as we write up our general life plan? Are we as serious about our spiritual plan as we are about our business, career plan?

The Bible is a treasure chest of knowledge and, unlike other books, when we read and study it, we enrich our relationship with Jesus and God Himself. We spend personal time with God. Just as we spend personal time with our immediate family, spouse, and close friends, how much time each day do we spend chatting and listening to God? Are we proactive or reactive with our spiritual life?

Many years ago, I read the book titled God’s Will: Finding Guidance for Everyday Decisions by J.I.Packer and Carolyn Nystrom. This wonderful book answered my questions and satisfied my curiosity about knowing what God’s Will is for my life. After I read a book, I type review notes on it. I decided this would be a good time of the year to write this poem from my book review notes. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – What is God’s Will For You?

God’s Will is found in God’s Word

Where we learn of His character

His dealings with man through history

His purpose for humanity.

God’s Spirit will open our eyes

To understand its wise insights

It’s active and living, its God’s voice speaking.

God’s Word is good for teaching,

For reproving and correcting

For good works, it will train us and equip

To be adequate and right to do God’s Will.   

God’s Word gives wisdom and guidance

It warns us, so our hearts can rejoice

It is clean and true, sweet, and pure

To be treasured more precious than gold.

The Bible teaches us to follow God’s direction

Through stories, examples, and explanation

Receive answers direct from God’s wisdom

In the right course of conduct and action.

God’s Word alerts to deception and distractions

That tempt us away from God’s plan

We must learn to trust Him to guide our way

Each moment, in what we do and say.

God’s Will is, most importantly,

To love God with all our strength

From the depth of our heart, mind, and soul

And love others just as we love ourselves.

God’s Will is to live every day of our lives

Telling the truth and being honest and kind

Share with those in need, show compassion and love

Speak encouraging words to one another.

God’s Will is that our plans honour and glorify Him

To be wise to see and seize opportunities

When a decision is made, and a course of action claimed

To the best of your ability, use those opportunities.

God’s Will is to desire to be like Christ

In our attitude and actions that are energised

By the Spirit who moves us to fulfil our part

And God is poised to be gracious toward us.

God’s Will is to live in joy and gratitude

Not frustrated or bored, but content and cheerful

Embracing life’s everyday simplicities

Food, work, leisure, and relationships.

God’s Will is that praise, thanks, and honour

Be our constant aim in our every labour

To extend love, goodwill and caring

To all whom we meet and in all our relating.

God’s Will is to share with others the Good News

With a clear conscience based on biblical truth

To humbly accept our fallen state

A heart that is willing to obey and please Him.

God’s Will is living out the fruit of the Spirit

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and goodness

Faithfulness, self-control, and meekness.

God’s Will is to work honestly

To the best of your ability  

Work with energetic enthusiasm

Imitating the humble love of Jesus himself.

Beverley Joy © 2022 Simply Story Poetry. All rights Reserved

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References: God’s Will: Finding Guidance for Everyday Decisions by J.I. PackerCarolyn Nystrom 2011

Bible verses that stood out to me from the book: John 14.26, Heb 4.12, 2Tm 3.16-17, Ps 119.18, Psalm 19.7-10, Mat 22.37-40, Eph 5.16-17, Eccles 9:10

Image by charlotte_202003 from Pixabay

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