Dawn Riding – The Wilted Rose

The true story of the early years of Sarah, back in the 1940s, from The Wilted Rose book

The Rose Bud – The Wilted Rose

A true story of an Australian woman, her ambitions, career, love and losses, in Brisbane Queensland from the 1930s.

Duo Poets

Part 6 At the beginning of 2019, I moved 800kms north to the picturesque seaside township of Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia, where my brother and his wife and family lived. I lived with them for a few months until I started a part-time job for the local Backpackers Hostel, which was owned by my sister-in-law's nephew... Continue Reading →

A Teenage Poet

I'm sharing the story of my journey into poetry for several reasons. So I don't forget it in my old age! To leave my story as family history for them to laugh or cry over, and to encourage my daughters and anyone else who will linger to read it, that it is NEVER TOO LATE... Continue Reading →

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