Duo Poets

Part 6

At the beginning of 2019, I moved 800kms north to the picturesque seaside township of Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia, where my brother and his wife and family lived. I lived with them for a few months until I started a part-time job for the local Backpackers Hostel, which was owned by my sister-in-law’s nephew and managed by my brother’s old neighbour. I then was able to rent a small unit from my sister-in-law’s niece. It’s who you know, not necessarily what you know in a small country town! I was so thankful for their help.

My brother, Doug, often spent time playing his guitar. I started playing and singing along with him. We started singing and playing our guitars on Friday nights, at the Backpackers Hostel, where I worked, to entertain the guests.

I changed the lyrics slightly, of well-known songs, to personalize the song’s message to reflect the events that were happening at the hostel. It was a lot of fun laughing and singing around the fire pit.

Both my brother and I wrote some original songs, which we performed as well. A talent that had been dormant within each of us had ignited. I had not composed a song for over five years. Once Doug started composing that year, he couldn’t be stopped. He composed quite a few beautiful ballads and is still composing.

One day I am hoping that he will let me publish them for him or with him. Next year, in 2022, after I have published all my old poetry, I plan to compose and publish the few songs I wrote that year and, compose more poems into songs, as well as continue writing poetry. Recording my songs will draw on a whole new level of courage for me.

We also lead the singing at our local church, I played the guitar and Doug played his African drums. After a few months, my hands grew stiff with joint pain and I had to stop playing the guitar. I plan to go back to playing the keyboard which is my prefered instrument.

Beverley Joy 2021 of Simply Story Poetry

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