Puzzling Pieces of Life

This is a collection of verses I have written over the years comparing life to making a jigsaw puzzle. Beverley Joy

Puzzling Pieces of LifePodcast

Sometimes the pieces of life’s puzzle

Form unexpected solutions

That surprise & puzzle even the best of us.

Sometimes we try to force the pieces

To fit together for a quick solution

Impatient to complete our life puzzle.

One good thing about being ‘mature aged’

Is that, as the years roll on there are fewer

Pieces left to fit in their place.

Let’s hope the remaining pieces

Are not dog eared or missing.

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Sometimes we shuffle the puzzling pieces of our life about

And connect them together for a quick solution.

Sometimes that method works.

Sometimes we need to sit down,

Layout all the pieces in front of us,

Grab a cuppa, and patiently work our way

Through the sections of life’s picture.

When it gets too hard, or boring,

We can call a friend or two to come and join us

To help us piece together a solution.

Either way life’s puzzling moments are worth solving.

Beverley Joy © 2011 Simply Story Poetry

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