God Protects from Enemy Attacks

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in 2014, which is based on Psalm 91 verses 5 to 13. It seems that King David wrote this psalm in reflection on his own experience of physical attacks on himself over 3,000 years ago when he was an Israeli shepherd and his time living in hiding from King Saul’s attempts to kill him. Read the story in 1 Samuel chapters 19-24. My poem describes the effects of these several types of physical attacks and compares them to spiritual or emotional attacks that many of us have experienced in our dealings with people, illness, or accidents. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – God Protects from Enemy Attacks

God is neither fickle nor false

Weak nor mortal

He is God Almighty, not a mere man

We will never be disappointed in Him.

As we journey through our life

He rescues us from hidden traps

Shields us from deadly hazards

From spiritual attacks.

Do not fear attacks

Shot like arrows in broad daylight

Words, spoken to destroy

Whispers, gossip, judgement, lies.

Arrows lightning fast; sharp, painful, and piercing

Deliberately pointed at the target – bullseye

Sometimes we can see who shot them

But other times they are shot from behind.

Do not fear attacks, like wild wolves in the night

Aggressive, they sneak around in packs

Ready to pounce on their chosen victim

Rip apart their heart, showing no regard.

Do not fear attacks, like venomous, slippery snakes

Slithering around in the mud of greed

Climbing trees of self-pride

Silently, cunningly scheming their attack

To poison and kill their victim’s character.

Do not fear attacks, like disease and pestilence,

That spreads in the darkness from the inside out

Slowly it grows, unseen, unfelt

Spreading its tentacles, securing its roots.

Once the symptoms show, it’s too late

The spiritual pain cannot be erased

The disease of deception, bitterness, revenge,

Take its toll and denigrate the soul.

Do not fear attacks, like a disaster

That suddenly erupts at high noon

Illness or accident, causing suffering and loss

The cries of the wounded, unable to be soothed.

Many victims collapse defeated

Exhausted, wounded from brutal attacks

Reluctantly they’re overwhelmed

Their enemy has sealed their doom.

Yet, no harm need even graze the heart,

Not even the slightest mark,

Of the faithful who stand strong in God

They rise to trample their enemy’s attack.

Healed by God’s love and peace

Renewed by God’s Holy Spirit

Shielded by their faith and trust

Strengthened by God’s mercy and grace.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All rights Reserved.

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