The Book Worm Poet

My Story Part 5

Since I was a teenager, I dreamt of running my own business. I joined a Network Marketing Company at 18 years of age. Over the next three decades, I joined and left many of them, following small successes. Marriage and motherhood took priority in my life as it was the love of my life.

By 2018, my children were now independent young adults pursuing their own career goals. Time was ticking on. My teenage dream was pressing me to turn it into a goal. It was now or never. Over the previous two years, I had completed a Diploma and a Cert 4 which bolstered my self-confidence. I was very nervous, but I started to believe that I could be a successful businesswoman because I had gained some professional knowledge and skills.

During 2018, I read some professional development books. I knew that I had to become a business-minded person. How do successful business people think? What work habits do they have? How do I change my thinking patterns?

Professional Development books I read through 2018.

My confidence and desire grew stronger to formally share my poetry with the world. I created the business name Simply Story Poetry and wrote the first draft of the poem explaining the who, what and why of my future business, titled Simply Story Poetry. I already had plenty of content (poems). Now it was time to learn how to share them.

I knew very little about websites, but I learnt online how to basically set up my first website with WordPress. At least now I had a basic online presence, thanks to the ‘help’ sections and Youtube ‘help’ videos.

I had no knowledge of online book publishing, so this was an area that I had to learn about. There were so many questions running around my head like how would I present my poetry – as ebook or print-to-order? What would my books look like – large or small, with or without artwork? Colour or black and white? Who would buy my poetry? Why would someone buy my poetry – for personal devotion purpose or to give as a gift? Would I sell them through a shopfront or sell them online?

I was nervous and overwhelmed by all the information about running a business. I needed to learn the mechanics of running a business. I needed a mentor. I needed moral support…

Beverley Joy.

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