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I perceive your curiosity

About Simply Story Poetry

As a wordsmith I compose

Verse, thoughts, taglines, and poems.

I write poems of two different kinds

My Christian Faith and general life.

I study my Faith and share what I find

Bible stories and verses I clarify

My general life poems are my reflections

Of nature, life, love and friendship.

My poems may simply entertain

Those who are game to venture and stay

With things I’ve seen, places I’ve been

People I’ve met and life experience.

I’ll post poems and verses every week

Here at Simply Story Poetry

Or if you prefer to be notified

By email, via the link, subscribe.

With words that describe Who, What and Why

To simply convey in a condensed way

It may be a poem, a jingle or a song

However, it may come along.

I play with words, the rhythm the rhyme

And complex thoughts I simplify

So, come spend some time in these pages of my mind.

Beverley Joy © 2018 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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