Dad, You Are a Gentleman

INTRO: ‘Gentleman’ is not a word I hear very often anymore. I originally wrote this poem for my two wonderful brothers who are true gentlemen. I added the last few verses to reflex a loving marriage relationship. Happy Father’s Day to all the gentlemanly dads out there. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – Dad, You Are A Gentleman

“What do you see in me?” he asked

“A gentleman is what I see.”

“I’m no gentleman” he laughed.

I said, “Please let me explain.”

I once saw a young man

Who won the true love

Of a young woman, and as one

Their love has lasted a lifetime.

Then I saw a fiancé

Whose strong rugged hands,

Softly and tenderly

Embraced his sweetheart.

Now, I see a husband

Whose gentle embrace

Engulfs her in peace

And protects her from harm.

I see a mature man

With old fashion values

Weathered and wrinkled

From the harsh Australian sun.

I see a father

Who devoted his youth

To raise his children

And provide for his family.

I see a working man

Who goes the extra mile

Proud of his work ethic

Striving for the best.

I see a handsome man

Who likes to dress smart

Who looks quite charming

In suit and tie.

I see a grown man

Who sheds a tear

When he shows gratitude

In exchange for kind deeds.

I see a family man

Whose heart does ache

With the loss of loved ones

So dear to him.

I see a healthy man

Who has suffered illness

But continues to want

To live life to the full.

I see a true friend

Whose smile enchants

Warms my heart

And approves of me.

I see a mate

Whose kind laughter is heard

Infectiously causing

Laughter in return.

I see a son

Whose words comforts his mum

With a message of love

That melts her heart.

I see a gentleman

Whose gentle kind nature

Relaxes people

And banishes their fear.

Outside appearance doesn’t matter to me

I see his soul and spirit

Unique and special

God’s gift to his family.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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