God Bless You Dad

INTRO: My dad is now 91 years of age and has been in aged care for three years. I started writing this poem in 2018 when dad went to live in an aged care home and finished it for this Father’s Day 2021. Over the past few years, I have watched him fight to hold on to his independence and full facilities up until the moment he had to let go of each one like, driving a car, going fishing, riding his motorcycle, his hobby of woodturning, fixing shoes and gluing up broken things around the house.

These last two years, in the troubled world of Covid, has disturbed him and caused him many lonely days in aged care lockdowns, not able to be with his second wife, whom he met and married when he was 75 years of age. It’s hard watching your dad grow old from having once been such an independent, healthy, and active person. But my dad is amazing how he has grown old gracefully and peacefully. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – God Bless You Dad

Dear dad…
Faithfully you have prayed every day

For your children and their families

Every day you read God’s Word

With a desire to know and obey Him.

You have faithfully clung to God

Through good times and bad

And humbly have sought

His mercy and grace.

Now that you are old and frail

Please, don’t concern yourself

With the current problems of the world

Dwell on God’s love, rest in His peace.

No more work, or driving a car

Life is simple now, focused on your health

Your eyes have dimmed, and your legs are weak

You need help to hear and tablets to sleep.

Yet, your spirit is strong, your love does not sleep

Your trust in God has not dimmed

Though reading is difficult, you persist

To read your Bible for spiritual health.

You still give us the gift of love

Through warm smiles and bear hugs

The aged care staff love your gentle way

How you thank them for the care they gave.

I love you, Dad, you’ve been my rock

Constant, reliable, forgiving and fun

You gave us the best years of your life

Your money, time, wisdom, and faith.

May God bless you dad, this Father’s Day.

Beverley Joy © 2021 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo: Dad and myself dig for worm bait before going fishing. Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.

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