A Battered Refuge

INTRO: I wrote this poem while sitting in my motorhome at Sherwood Brisbane Queensland. I was parked beside a paddock with a large tree a short distance away. A wild storm came, and went, and left me wondering about how the storms in nature compare to the storms in our life. Beverley Joy.

PODCAST – A Battered Refuge

One day as I sat at my window

I watched a tree standing tall and strong

So confident and accepting of its role.

Birds busied themselves flittering from branch to branch

Squawking and chirping as they went about their day

Small crawling creatures made their way

Up and down its solid trunk.

Very subtle, the leaves began to rustle,

The branches began to sway

The birds and creatures moved away

To find a calmer resting place.

The tree, now alone to battle the storm

As the wind built stronger and the rain began to fall

Gently at first, then, unrestrained it poured.

The battle intensified between them

Fighting each other for supremacy

It looked to me that the storm may win

As the tree bore the brunt with its solid trunk.

As soon as the storm discarded the tree so ravaged

And moved on to find its next challenge

The tree returned to its calm state

For down deep in the earth, its roots were strong.

It felt clean and nourished from the driving rain

Old leaves and branches had broken away

Fallen to the ground in a tumbled array.

Soon the birds and small creatures return

To reclaim the tree as their peaceful abode

They nourished themselves on droplets of water

And scratched around the fresh ground cover.

If we choose to view life’s storms this way

How the storms of life can cleanse away

Our weaknesses, and strengthen us

To be stronger to nourish ourselves and others.

Beverley Joy © 2010 of Simply Story Poetry. Al Rights Reserved.

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