Steal Away A Moment in Time


Those early weeks and months of falling in love are so intense with love-soaked emotions and thoughts that drip into every area of our waking day. A constant drip that catches our attention, drawing us away from our work, our study, and our task at hand. Reminiscing past times that we spent together or dreaming of future times to be spent together. Even as the months roll on and the frequency of these thoughts and emotions slow down, love still longs to steal away and be alone together. Stolen moments quench love’s thirst and keep the romance flowing. Beverley Joy.

AUDIO – Steal Away a Moment in Time

Let me touch your skin, trace your face with my hands

Can you feel my love for you pouring out through my touch?

Look into my eyes

Hear my thoughts, my heart screaming love for you

Our souls speak beyond words.

No work, no family, no friends

Nothing between us.

Meet me here, connect with me

Escape the busy-ness of life for a moment in time.

Press your body up to mine

Kiss my lips, embrace me

Let me feel your love for me.

Your touch reassures me that we are one

We belong together – synergy.

Let’s take a moment throughout our busy days

To be still and quiet, to meet with each other.

I feel safe and secure

I trust I surrender to your love so tender.

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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