The Love of Sleep

INTRO: I wrote this poem during a time when I was suffering from an acute lack of sleep, whilst working full time and studying. The poem reads as the loss of sleep as to the loss of a lover. My daughter encouraged me to read ‘The Effortless Sleep Method’ by Sasha Stephens which I found very helpful. I also talked to my doctor, changed my diet to reduce stomach acid and increased my fitness level which all helped to reduce my sleeping problem. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – The Love of Sleep

Sleep, elusive sleep

Where are you when I need you?

You play a cruel game of ‘hide and seek’

I cannot find you in the dark.

Sleep, precious sleep

I need you; my body aches for you

Why do you punish me so?

Why cause me such pain?

Sleep, lovely sleep

Come to me; embrace my body

I wait for you in the dark

I want you with all my heart.

Sleep, estranged sleep

Why won’t you be my friend?

What did I do to send you away?

I’m sorry, turn back, face me again.

Let us sit together and reconcile

I’ll change my life, follow your advice

I need you or I will die

Love me, sleep, for you I cry.

Sleep, gracious sleep

Thank you for showing mercy to me.

I’m sorry for abusing you

By abusing my body and time

Lacking respect for what you need

Drowning you with chemicals.

Sleep, natural sleep

You’ve existed since the dawn of time

Yet, my life is but a blink of your eye

Teach me your secret, known by plants and creatures

How to sync in unison with your natural way.

Beverley Joy © 2020 of Simply Story Poetry. All rights Reserved.

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Image by syaifulptak57 from Pixabay

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