Clean Up My Cluttered Mind

INTRO: This poem compares a cluttered room to a cluttered mind. When I wrote this poem, my life was messy, and my mind was filled with messy thoughts. It was time to get both areas of my life to regain my equilibrium. I had to sit down and think things through and make decisions as to what behaviour needed to stay, be fixed, or be thrown out. Then I needed to go about tidying and cleaning up my thoughts. Beverley Joy.

Audio Clean Up My Cluttered Mind

Slowly, I open the door and enter the room

The door slams shut behind me

With no glimpse of light, my vision is dim

The air I breathe is heavy with dust.

I tentatively feel my way into the room

I kick something and bruise my shin

I trip and fall to the hard wooden floor

My pride is bruised, I am confused and in pain

I struggle to my feet, I reach out

My fingertips search for something secure

I turn around in circles

Frustrated with this ‘waste of time’.

“So much stuff in one room?”

Every inch of space is filled with obstacles

Such a simple task seems out of my control

The darkness is seeping into my emotions.

At last, I touch a wall and feel my way along

I feel a curtain and tug it open.

In streams the light

Floating dust particles

Fill the room crowded with junk,

Outdated furniture and brick-a-brac.

Some broken and worthless

Some valuable

Some in need of T.L.C.

So much disorganised ‘stuff’ and clutter!

So, to my mind is cluttered with ‘stuff’

Thoughts and beliefs

Some of it junk

Some worth keeping

Some are in need of TLC.

If I clear my mind of junky thoughts

Renew past thoughts that are valuable

Replace the junk with new useful thoughts

And place them in an orderly fashion?

Then, I would rip down the curtain of ‘untruth’

And let in the light through the window of my mind

So, I could see things and people as they really are

No more tripping over junk and causing myself pain.

Once my mind was clean, organised, and neat

No more allergic dust to cause my mind to react

My mind shall be my valuable asset

Ever ready to be put to good use.

Beverley Joy © 2010 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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