A Delicate Flower

INTRO: I wrote this poem after visiting the beautiful botanical gardens in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia, while travelling in my motorhome. In this poem, I compare the tiny intricately designed flowers with those of us who have beautiful qualities to offer the world, but largely go unnoticed, due to our quiet natures. I realised that I didn’t have to try to be big and powerful, that it was ok being me. Those of us who are delicate flowers share our beauty with those who stop along the path of life and notice us. Thank you for stopping by today. Beverley Joy

Audio – A Delicate Flower

As I walk through the Botanical gardens

I look up in wonder and awe

At the majestic trees, so strong, so tall

Their canopy of leaves protects all beneath.

I admire the colours and textures

Of the plants and shrubs beside me

On my right, on my left

That line and shape the wandering path.

I stop and bend down to retie my shoelace

I see before me a flower, so delicate

The beauty, the design, the intricate detail

Of a creation so small, so seemly frail.

“You should be up here at eye view

If I had not stopped, I would not have seen you

What good is there in being so small,

Going largely unnoticed by the world?”

The flower whispered back softly

In fragrant waves of melody

Washing over my human heart

Now a captive of nature’s art.

“Sit down beside me and rest a while

I’ll sing you a sweet, scented lullaby

Relax, be still and quiet

Let my world unfold before your eyes.”

“Life is beautiful from down here

So serene, such quiet harmony

But only those who stop will see

The perfection in which I live.”

“God doesn’t discriminate

Creating more in the tree and less in me

We are both important – an intricate part

Of the whole picture of His masterful art.”

 “So, hurry now on your way

But remember, later today

What you saw, when you stopped to tie your lace

The delicate flower down by the way.”

I was encouraged by what the flower said

And though my life seemed small and insignificant

Amidst human towering success and strength

I’m proud to be one of the fragile and delicate.

Beverley Joy © 2012 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

You can listen to all my poems on several podcast platforms here

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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