Love Flows Like A River

INTRO: I was inspired to write this poem after visiting the Daly River, in the Northern Territory, Australia in my motorhome. My visit was at the tail end of the wet season, and a cyclone that had recently flooded through the north of Australia in early 2011. Many homes and businesses, in my hometown of Brisbane, Queensland, were severely damaged by the flood.

Once the flood subsided, volunteers came in the thousands to help the families and businesses clean up their properties, covered in thick mud. Soon after Brisbane flooded, Christchurch was hit by an earthquake, and Japan was hit by a tsunami. Watching thousands of strangers in Brisbane and all around the world, showing love and care for their fellow man was truly heartwarming. Love wins out at the end of the day!

After hiking up a nearby mountain, at Daly River, the view was spectacular, how the mighty river wound its way, like a snake, through the landscape. Though I have included a person swimming across the river in the text of this poem, swimming in the Daly River, with the resident crocodiles, it is not recommended during the wet season! Beverley Joy

PODCAST – Love Flows Like a River

Have you ever watched how a river flows?

Deep and wide, with a strong undertow

As it flows downstream it nourishes

Plantlife and creatures that live alongside.

Nothing can stop it from reaching the ocean

From a trickle to a river, it builds with motion

Even dam walls hold only their measure

The River’s purpose and destiny are sure.

A wall of rock may slow the river’s flow

But the river’s strength will eventually win

Flowing over, around or through the obstruction

To continue its journey toward the ocean.

The foliage and creatures that flow down-stream

Trust the river to take them to their destiny

They swim with the river and embrace the journey

Leaves dancing across the river surface.

Some people drive in from the river shore

And swim upstream against the river flow

Attempting to cross to the other side

In their own strength against the river’s might.

“Swim against me and you will tire and fail”

The river rumbles at mankind, so frail

“Turn around and float with me,

I will help you to reach your destiny.”

Love flows like a river out into our world

It will not be stopped by the obstacles of life

We can slow it down or hold it back for a time

But the river of love will find a way through or around.

Love rumbles its message to mankind

“If you swim against me, you will tire and fail

Come, swim with me, embrace the journey

Flow with love’s Golden Rule of life.”

Beverley Joy © 2011 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Interesting article about Brisbane’s Mud Army of the Flood of January 2011

Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

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