The Web of Love

Intro: That’s Amore

Happy New Year to my readers and listeners. Simply Story Poetry launches into this new year with the theme of LOVE. Ah, that’s Amore. The story of Grace continues after she fell in love for the first time at 17 years of age. The last poem that I posted on 2nd December 2022 was about Grace ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ to move from Brisbane in Queensland, down south to Melbourne Victoria to live closer to her boyfriend Alex, leaving all her family dramas far behind her. Now, a year later, she was stepping out into the adult world to build her own life, make her own decisions and learn from her mistakes and benefit from her good decisions and adventures. Beverley Joy.


‘Falling in love is an enticing web of desire

The threads of the web sparkle in the sunshine of attraction and romantic love, mesmerizing and drawing us closer.

As we reach out and touch the web, its sticky thread never let us go.’

Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry 2020. All rights reserved.

Excerpt from the story Wilted No More

The story Wilted No More is the sequel story to the book The Wilted Rose, both written by Kate Kelsen

Looking out the small oval-shaped window, Grace watched the city of Melbourne appear through the clouds as the plane descended. She smiled to herself: a new city, a new future, far away from Brisbane. It was her eighteenth birthday, and she had not wasted another second in the chaos of her childhood. Romance had been her means of escape, leaving her family and a full-time job to pursue her first love. She was the youngest child, yet the first to leave home. She remembered the gloomy droop of her parents’ faces as she had waved goodbye but refused to let their sadness hinder her own bold happiness. She had chosen a location far away from them and their melancholy existence.

The wing flaps extended, and the aircraft dragged and slowed. The wheels touched down on the runway, and the shudder jolted Grace’s attention back to the present moment. Nervous excitement churned in her stomach as she followed the other passengers along the aisle to the exit. Picking up her pace along the gateway, she entered the arrivals lounge and spotted Alex amongst the waiting crowd. She ran to him and fell into his arms.

‘Welcome to Melbourne!’ he grinned.

As they drove through the city toward his family home in Montmorency, Alex chattered about what he had planned for them to do on the weekend. Grace listened in a semi daze. There was no going back. She had fallen in love with Melbourne City as much as she had fallen in love with Alex eighteen months earlier. And here she was. Her dream had come true. And yet she was so nervous. She had never lived away from her family home. Now she would have to find somewhere to live and secure full time work as soon as possible.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

That’s Amore cover by Domenico and Viiq

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