I am Ruth

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem zooms in on a day in the life of Ruth from the Bible. The setting for this poem is when Ruth has returned to Naomi’s hometown, and she has stepped out into her new community looking for work and food, as she and Naomi are in a destitute state of poverty. The poem follows the events of the book of Ruth, chapter two. I wrote this poem in 2019 after having written my poem titled ‘Famine or Feast’ a few years earlier, which I published here last week, based on the Bible story of Ruth and Naomi. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – I am Ruth

I am Ruth
A single mature woman
A stranger in a foreign land
A new culture, a new faith
Nervously embracing a new future.

I am Ruth
Unemployed, poor and in need
I watch the workers with job security
I dare not disturb them
I quietly accept gifts to meet my need.

I am Ruth
I don’t manipulate people or their time
To get what I want, to take what I need
I do the best I can, with what I have
While I patiently wait on God’s timing.

I am Ruth
Embarrassed, honest, and humbled
I appreciate the kindness shown to me
Grateful for the opportunity given to me
I now feel safe in a hostile world.

I am Ruth
Following my family’s faith
Caring for my elderly parent
Loyal and available.

I am Ruth
Not manipulating events or time
Patient and contentedly, I wait and trust in God
Praying for His guidance, trusting God with my future.

Beverley Joy © 2019 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay

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