Her Fragrant Love for Jesus

INTRO: This poem tells the story of the unnamed woman's extravagant action in pouring a whole jar of expensive perfumed oil over Jesus' head dripping down to His feet found in Luke 7:36-50. Some commentaries say it was Mary Magdalene, some say, Mary, sister of Martha and Lazareth. I am leaving her nameless because the... Continue Reading →

A Daughter’s Care – Women of the Bible

INTRO: As Mother's Day approaches, I have reposted this poem based on the Bible Story of a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, Naomi and Ruth. Although great tragedy struck their family, Ruth proves herself a devoted daughter-in-law, wife and mother. Beverley Joy. PODCAST - A Daughter's Care Young and beautiful, pleasant, and married To a strong... Continue Reading →

The Passion of Mary Magdalene

INTRO: This poem is Part 2 of the Easter Story. It is the story of Mary Magdalene at the tomb on that first Easter Sunday morning. The two feature images I edited together show Mary's depth of sorrow at the cross and the risen Lord soon to become the height of joy for her. Jesus... Continue Reading →

A Few Faithful Women – The Easter Story Part 1

INTRO: This Easter weekend we remember what Jesus did out of love for God, His Father and for us, God's creation. This Christian poem is Part one of two Easter poems. It tells the story of the few faithful women, including Mary Magdalene, who cooked, helped, and supported Jesus as He travelled through townships and... Continue Reading →

Her Touch of Simple Faith

INTRO: This poem is based on the story of The Woman with the Bleeding Issue which is found in the Bible in Mark Chapter 5 verses 21-33. Some stories of women in the Bible touch on sensitive women's health issues and this story is one of them. In these modern days, women in the developed... Continue Reading →

Mary and Elizabeth – The Christmas Story Part 5

INTRO: What would Joseph think of her? What would her family and community say? This is the story of Mary's visit to stay with her cousin Elizabeth and telling Joseph what the angel had told her. This poem looks at Mary's reaction to receiving this wonderful yet life-changing news from God's angel. How could Mary,... Continue Reading →

Mary – The Christmas Story Part 4

INTRO: This poem, which I wrote in 2019, zooms in on the momentous, yet private moment in history when Mary was visited by God's angel and told of her imminent pregnancy of Jesus, the son of God. Her story is found in Luke Chapter 1 verses 26-38. Finally, the prophecy was to be fulfilled many... Continue Reading →

Four Unusual Women – The Christmas Story Part 2

INTRO: It seems unusual for God to have chosen these women to be included in the ancestry of the future Saviour of the world. This poem is based on Matthew Chapter 1 verses 3-6 in which four women are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. It is a brief overview of these women who had... Continue Reading →

But wait…God Made a Promise

INTRO: This Christian poem is the fourth and final part of the poem about the Bible story of Adam and Eve. I wrote this whole poem about Adam and Eve in 2017. God had a plan of salvation, glory and peace born out of His love for His creation, which He revealed to them before... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

INTRO: This Christian poem is part three of the story of Adam and Eve, Genesis 3 verses 8 to 13. While Adam and Eve hide from God, they wait anxiously for they know that when God comes walking into the garden, they will have to explain to God what they have done. Beverley Joy PODCAST... Continue Reading →

Wrong Game Move

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on Genesis 3 verse 7, being part two of the Bible story of Adam and Eve. Part one was my poem titled 'Sweet Temptation' based on Genesis 3 verses 1-6. Following the decision that Adam and Eve made to disobey God by eating the forbidden fruit, they scramble to... Continue Reading →

She Gave From Her Heart

INTRO: This poem is about the Bible Story of the Woman and the Two Coins. Luke 21:1-4. This was another poem I wrote while a Prison Chaplain at the Women's Correctional Centre in 2017. I wanted to tell this story to encourage the women in prison, that the Chaplains were a representation of God's love... Continue Reading →

It Takes Two to Tango

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on the Bible Story of The Adulterous Woman. John 8:1-11. I titled this poem 'It Takes Two To Tango' to highlight the scheme of the religious leaders to trap Jesus, but they overlooked a crucial element of the Mosaic Law, found in Leviticus Chapter 20, which they were referring... Continue Reading →

I am Ruth

INTRO: This Christian devotional poem zooms in on a day in the life of Ruth from the Bible. The setting for this poem is when Ruth has returned to Naomi's hometown, and she has stepped out into her new community looking for work and food, as she and Naomi are in a destitute state of... Continue Reading →

Thirst Quenching

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on the Bible Story of The Woman at the Well. It is the first in 'The Women of the Bible' series. Beverley Joy. I wrote it while I was a Prison Chaplain in the Women's Prison. I would recite a poem for the women during the chapel services. John... Continue Reading →

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