The Blame Game

INTRO: This Christian poem is part three of the story of Adam and Eve, Genesis 3 verses 8 to 13. While Adam and Eve hide from God, they wait anxiously for they know that when God comes walking into the garden, they will have to explain to God what they have done. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – The Blame Game

When the cool evening breeze blew
In fear Adam and Eve hid
They heard God walking quietly
About the peaceful garden.

They had a guilty conscience
They didn’t want to face
Their responsibility
Of their sinful foolish deed.

Satan had said they would be like God
Well, they certainly didn’t feel like it
Here they were hiding like criminals
About to be shamefully discovered.

How foolish of them to think that they
Could hide in any way
From God the grand creator
Of everything in heaven and earth.

God walked in the garden as usual
Not as an angry storm
But as a gentle evening breeze
Calling “Where are you, Adam, and Eve?”

Instead of him waiting expectantly
For their regular conversation
God found him hiding like a coward
Among trees in his apron.

Adam tried running from the truth
And avoid spending time with God
Hoping to hide from God’s commandment
Which was tormenting his mind.

But when Adam heard God’s loving voice
He realized he could not hide
So, he came out from among the trees
Embarrassed and naked before him.

“I heard you walking in the garden,
So I hid, ’cause I was naked.”
His reply was a selfish weak excuse
Of hiding because of his nakedness.

“Who told you that you were naked?”
God gave him a chance to confess
But sin caused Adam to think of himself
And did not mention their rebellion.

“Have you eaten from the only tree
I commanded you not to eat from?”
“It was the woman you gave me
Who gave me the fruit, and I ate.”

Adam replied blaming God
And then he blamed his wife
He did not confess to God for his sin
But He blamed God for the mess he was in.

Just because Eve gave Adam the fruit
Was no excuse for him to eat
He had acted weak and allowed himself
To be easily coerced by Eve his wife.

Just because she chose to disobey
Didn’t mean he had to follow suit
He answered with evasiveness
Avoiding responsibility.

God made it easy for Adam
To answer his simple question
In a clear and honest way
And ask forgiveness of him.

God turned to look at Eve
She felt exposed and vulnerable
Embarrassed and abandoned
In her flimsy fig leaf apron.

Such crude aprons they had made
That barely hid their private parts
Certainly not sufficient to hide
The guilt of rebellion against God.

“What have you done?” God asked her
She answered powerless and weak
“The serpent deceived me, that’s why I ate.”
Not mentioning her selfish desire.

Eve blamed the serpent
Rather than herself
She had felt powerful and bold
Back when she decided to eat.

But now that she was caught out
She avoided telling God the truth
Instead, she cried “Poor me”
Feeling helpless and manipulated.

She too did not confess
To her disobedience
Or say she was guilty
Or ask for God’s forgiveness.

The serpent used evil deception
To entice her to believe his lie
If only she had obeyed God
And trusted and not doubt His word.

Her emotions drove her good sense and reason
A selfish decision based on her feelings
She only thought of what she wanted
At the time, and not of others.

She did not think of the consequence
Her decision would have on Adam
Her marriage and their future family
The ripple effect through her ancestry.

God stood by listening to them cry
“She did it, he did it, it wasn’t my fault”
They abandoned and betrayed each other
Their relationship was damaged forever.

Where was their love for each other?
Where was their love for God?
Where were the harmony and peace
In all their relationships?

God knew all along what they had done
And why they had tried to hide from Him
For nothing in all of creation
Is hidden from God’s attention.

Everything is seen by God
And everyone accountable
God wanted them to come to Him
And confess and repent of their sin.

Instead, they downplayed the seriousness
Of their harmful lies and selfishness
To hide their shame brought more shame on them
God was very displeased with them.

God had made them perfect, they had never sinned
They were made in God’s own image
They could have resisted the temptation
But they chose instead to sin.

They knew that God, being holy and just
Would punish their disobedience
But God was not going to leave His creation
To die without a saviour.

Beverley Joy © 2017 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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