But wait…God Made a Promise

INTRO: This Christian poem is the fourth and final part of the poem about the Bible story of Adam and Eve. I wrote this whole poem about Adam and Eve in 2017. God had a plan of salvation, glory and peace born out of His love for His creation, which He revealed to them before they left the garden. Beverley Joy
PODCAST – But wait…God Made a Promise

God so loved Adam and Eve

He showed them grace and mercy

They did not die when they disobeyed

But death entered the world that day.

God’s punishment was a death sentence

Which all their dependants would inherit

For disobeying His law and order

For God is good but He is also just.

Adam and Eve went on to live

For many hundreds of years

God blessed them with many descendants

Who spread to inhabit the earth.

They shared in God’s rest and peace

When they lived in harmonious

Relationship with God, creation and each other.

But their garden rest and peace was lost

The whole of creation would begin to decay

Now the world would begin to spin out of control

And fill with chaos and disorder.

But wait….I hear something coming in the future

Eve’s descendants would act selfishly

Just like she had, and make decisions

From their limited human perspective

Instead of asking God for wisdom.

The curse of pain in childbirth

And emotional pain of motherhood

Children will rebel and disobey

History would repeat itself.

From now on, women would live through life

Marked by sorrow, pain and strife

With disorder in relationships

In marriage and in friendships.

But wait…I see something coming in the future

Now Adam would have to work hard and sweat

To make the ground grow food for them

They would miss the ease of abundance

Once freely available in the garden.

Social disorder and trouble at work

In communities and countries abroad

War, famine, and poverty

Natural disaster and disease.

If only they had not disobeyed

And from God turned away

But the rebellion of God the creator

Damaged the created order.

But wait…I remember something about the future

They lost their peace and rest with God

Their evening time to walk and talk

Their relationship with God, now broken

Lost forever, their home in the garden.

No one would go back into the garden

God would not allow this to happen

To protect mankind for all time

From eating from the Tree of Life.

All their descendants and all generations

Would battle the evil within themselves

In relationship to God and others

A long-time of suffering and struggle.

Now I know…

God’s message of hope and His guidance

Throughout history, God kept His promise

Directing events, countries, and Kings

To fulfil His purposes and will.

God had already made a plan

Before the world was created

A plan to forgive and save

A plan wrapped in His love, glory, and grace.

In Genesis three God made a promise to Eve

That one day a Saviour will claim victory

Victory over sin and death

And return creation to the peace of the garden.

He continues to call us to trust and obey Him

To accept His mercy filled gift of forgiveness

To walk and talk with Him and rest

In His everlasting joy and peace.

Beverley Joy © 2017 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo by Adrien King on Unsplash

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