A True Friend in Time of Need

INTRO: I wrote this poem in 2014. It reflects on those awkward times in life when, those of us with quiet personalities, find it difficult breaking into established groups within a community, trying to make new friends when your heart is broken, and you don’t feel strong and bold. I wrote this poem just after my marriage broke down and I moved back to my hometown, as a single woman. Beverley Joy

PODCAST – A True Friend in Time of Need

People talking, smiling, laughing

But no one truly connecting

Words are spoken for the sake of it

Eyes and hands do not meet.

When a better offer comes along

People say goodbye and walk away

I stand empty of true friendship

No one stops to care deeply.

Should I be different to who I am

More contained, reserved, quiet, demure?

Do I talk too much, maybe not enough?

Should I lighten up, be less complex?

I suffocate for politeness sake

Choke back a flood of tears

Endure the dagger piercing my heart

Stained with the blood of loneliness.

Oh, to have someone – family or friend

Go out of their way more than once

To sit and engage in conversation

Over a coffee for an hour, now and then.

To listen with ears that understand

To see with eyes wise and kind

To speak with lips that soothe and accept

To touch my heart with thoughtfulness.

I could pay a therapist, they’d listen!

Empathise and hear me out

But it’s not true friendship unless time is given

Free of charge and genuine.

Not one human being who walks this earth

Knows which food is my favourite?

Is it chicken, veggies, fruit, or broccoli?

To whom can I share with passionately?

How different flavours excite my palate

How the layers of music dance through my mind

How colours react with my emotions

How fragrance blends into my breath.

Who cares about my experiences?

My bright song of life left unsaid

My favourite photos, never shown

My intense thoughts, never known?

I could develop a Facebook voice

And check on the hour, how many likes

I could blog my thoughts and use google words

To gain thousands of ‘followers’.

I could turn my blog into a book

And promote myself, through my ‘profile’

I could post my photos on Instagram

And wait for Smilies, hearts and claps.

But, at the end of the day

Who is standing with me

Who gives me a hug

Who wipes my tears?

Who’ll ask me how I really am

Who’ll make me smile

Who’ll hang out a while?

No one will, ’cause no one has time.

Most of the time I skip through life

I hug, I care, I listen, I smile

But every now and then I wish someone was here

To hold me tight and wipe my tears.

With so many people striving to be

Kind and helpful, I keep wondering

Why is there no one to sit with me

On days when I feel empty?

So, I pick myself up, wipe my own tears

Get on with my day, after I pray

I strive to be the friend I need

In our imperfect world full of selfishness.

Oh, to the ‘Marys’ who show they care

With tears of love and empathy

With time to sit still, listen and be

A true friend in time of need.

Beverley Joy © 2014 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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Bible references to ‘Marys’ – Luke 10:39, Luke 7:36-50, John 12: 1-8

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

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