Blessed are the Peacemakers?

This poem is based on the seventh of The Beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.‘ This Beatitude has a clear practical meaning – working toward peaceful living with ourselves, and others and being at peace with God. Throughout history, the cry for peace continues to echo across the world. Let us always pray and vote for leaders who pursue wisdom and world peace. Let us all strive for wisdom and peace in our homes and radiate them out into our individual worlds. Beverley Joy

PODCASTBlessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God

Oh, the tragedy of one who cannot reason

To hum and haw about making a decision

Torn between Yeah and Nah

To whom inner peace will stay away.

We need global and religious peace

Politically and economically

In nations, countries, states, and cities

Local communities, homes, and heartbeats.

Peacemaking is not the sole responsibility

Of the United Nations, organisations, or politicians

Peace comes to all people who agree

Or through civility, agree to disagree.

Peacemaking is not ‘peace at any price’

It’s not just the absence of war and conflict

Peace is the presence of right relationships

Without these there is only a false peace.

A truce is but a restraint, a peaceful break

Peace is achieved when the truth is made clear

When the issue is settled, two parties embrace

When the problem is fixed, peace is achieved.

God’s wisdom is pure and peaceable

It is gentle and willing to be reasonable

It is full of mercy and grace

Without partiality or hypocrisy.

Righteous fruit is sown in peace by those who are peacemakers

Love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness,

Faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control

Growing peace in both the world and our souls.

Hatred, suspicion, and fear, must be rooted out

And the weeds of distrust and greed

Then good fruit planted and cultivated

To produce tolerance and acceptance.

Peace regained in the human heart

Peace regained on the earth

Peace regained in the heavenly realm

Peace regained between mankind and God.

Peace does not exist in a vacuum

The world vibrates to the heart of man

Whether we pursue war and greed

Or goodness and world peace.

The Bible doesn’t tell us to do nothing

Or to evade issues, errors or wrongdoing

God’s peace conquers these things

By loving our neighbour through listening and caring.

Peacemakers do not appease or compromise

Their selfish desires, they don’t prioritize

Neither do they demand their rights

They build bridges between the parties aligned.

Peacemakers are not defensive or self-protective

Never baneful, they don’t give excuses

They accept responsibility for their actions

Looking to strengthen relationships.

Peacemakers don’t gossip or push to be first

Nor possess a proud heart to stir up strife

They reflect the peaceful nature of God

Bearing up one another in love.

We know true peace when we live at peace

With God and our neighbour

And our thoughts and actions harmonize

In passionate pursuit as a peacemaker.

Beverley Joy © 2021 Simply Story Poetry

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References: Chuck Swindoll – Insight , John MacArthur – Grace To You, Alistair Begg – Truth For Life

Matthew 5:1-12 The Zondervan NASB Study Bible copyright © 1999 Zondervan

Bible references: 1 King 18:21, James 3:17, Heb 12:14, Jerm 8:11, James 3:18, Mark 3:25, Ps 85:10, Mat 5:25 Mark 9:50, Prov 28:25

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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