The Saviour is Born – The Christmas Story Part 7

INTRO: After waiting many one thousand years and as prophesied in Genesis 3 verse 15 finally, the Saviour of the world is born, the King of all kings is born without any human royal celebration. Yet, far off in the fields outside of the town of Bethlehem, an army of angels appear to a small... Continue Reading →

Mary – The Christmas Story Part 4

INTRO: This poem, which I wrote in 2019, zooms in on the momentous, yet private moment in history when Mary was visited by God's angel and told of her imminent pregnancy of Jesus, the son of God. Her story is found in Luke Chapter 1 verses 26-38. Finally, the prophecy was to be fulfilled many... Continue Reading →

700 Years BC – The Christmas Story Part 3

INTRO: This poem is based on the prophecy found in Isaiah chapter 9 verses 1-7 which is dated about 700 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. This prophecy was made by the eighth century BC Israelite prophet, Isaiah. In this passage, Isaiah prophesied the future birth of the Saviour of the world. The name... Continue Reading →

Forgiven I Am Free

The scars in His hands Now I understand Jesus died for me Forgiven I am free. A verse from my poem 'Once I Was blind, But Now I See' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God Protects Us as a Mother Hen Protects Her Chicks – Psalm 91:1-4

INTRO: This comforting poem was one of the first of my Christian poems based on Psalm 91 verses 1-4. I wrote it after hearing a sermon on Psalm 91, at the church I was attending regularly at the time. I also wrote another poem, soon after, titled God Protects from Enemy Attacks based on Psalm... Continue Reading →

My Weakness versus God’s Strength

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on the Bible verse 2 Corinthians12:9 'And (the Lord) said to me "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." Most gladly, therefore I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.' Beverley Joy PODCAST - My... Continue Reading →

She Gave From Her Heart

INTRO: This poem is about the Bible Story of the Woman and the Two Coins. Luke 21:1-4. This was another poem I wrote while a Prison Chaplain at the Women's Correctional Centre in 2017. I wanted to tell this story to encourage the women in prison, that the Chaplains were a representation of God's love... Continue Reading →

Free from our Yoke of Regret

A yoke of obedience that Jesus Bore while He lived among us Heavy with pain even to death To free us from our yoke of regret. A verse from my poem 'Come To Me, My Burden is Light.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Regretful Mistakes We have Made.

Jesus says "Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-burdened" Weighed down by guilt and shame Regretful mistakes we've made. A verse from my poem 'Come to Me, My Burden is Light.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Jesus says “Come, Rest and Learn”

Jesus says "Come to Me, Rest with Me, Learn of Me. I died in your place, I paid the price To restore your rest, joy and peace." A verse from my poem 'Come to Me, My Burden is Light. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Come To Me, My Burden Is Light

I wrote this poem, in 2016, while I was a Prison Chaplain to encourage the female prisoners to 'Learn about God's love and forgiveness for them and find rest and peace in Jesus.' It is based on Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke... Continue Reading →

Come to God’s Love, Light and Life

Now Jesus turns to you and calls "You, in hatred, come to my love" "You, in darkness, come to my light" "You, in death, come to my life." A verse from my poem 'God's Love, Light and Life.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

God’s Love Light and Life

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in 2018 when I was a prison chaplain. I was inspired by the Youtube video 'What Christians Believe in 90 seconds. I expanded and simplified this theme so that the prisoners could understand this gospel message. Each month I recited a different poem during the prison chapel service for... Continue Reading →

Which False Idols Control Us?

There are many false idols in our lives Which we long for them to satisfy We want them more than anything else They control our time, money and thoughts. A verse from my poem 'God's Rules For Living.' based on the Ten Commandments, Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Make God’s Values Our Voids

By the grace of God let your Holy Spirit Cause us to love others as Jesus loves Make us willing to conform our life Make God's values the voids that we crave. A verse from my poem 'God's Rules for Living.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry.

God’s Rules for Living

INTRO: I wrote this Christian poem in 2014 after reading Timothy Keller's book 'Counterfeit Gods'. I memorised The Ten Commandments as a child in Sunday School. As an adult, I could say along with the Rich Young Ruler, in Matthew 19:20 "I have kept these rules since my youth." But, from my study of this... Continue Reading →

Who is This Man Jesus?

Curious, she is drawn to Him "Who is this man, I want to know I've heard of Him, I must learn more." A verse from my Christian poem 'It Takes Two to Tango'. Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

Dripping with Grace

His words dripped with grace Washing away her shame Filling her heart with true love Not the foolish love she had known. A verse from my poem 'It Takes Two to Tango.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

It Takes Two to Tango

INTRO: This Christian poem is based on the Bible Story of The Adulterous Woman. John 8:1-11. I titled this poem 'It Takes Two To Tango' to highlight the scheme of the religious leaders to trap Jesus, but they overlooked a crucial element of the Mosaic Law, found in Leviticus Chapter 20, which they were referring... Continue Reading →

As Far as the East is From the West

God has separated me from my sin Through the blood of Jesus Christ As far as the East is from the West He remembers them no more. A verse from my poem 'My Sin is Removed.' Beverley Joy of Simply Story Poetry

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