The Mirror Reflects What You Can Give

INTRO: As we enter this year’s season of giving, I want to continue with the theme of giving. I originally published this poem earlier in the year titled You Are Rich, but I renamed it and I have added a verse to the end of the poem about some of the many free gifts that we can give away, which are of immense value. Originally, this poem only reflected inwardly reminding us of the value to ourselves of the wealth of our body. But I also wanted it to end by reflecting on others. I believe, one of the most valuable free gifts we can give away is a listening ear. Another valuable gift to give in this busy rushed time of the year is quality time.

I chose this Featured Image as it looks like the image is being reflected in a mirror and yet the eyes are looking outward through the layers of mirrors. This image reflects the theme of this poem that flows from self-reflection to looking outward to find opportunities to share our ‘wealth’ with others.

I wrote this poem after reminiscing over one of my favourite children’s books that I read often to my daughters when they were young children. We would read it together and act it and laugh along. I realised how appropriate the message is for adults as well as children. ‘How to be Rich‘ by Michael Twinn 1993. Beverley Joy

AUDIO – The Mirror Reflects What You Can Give

When you feel you have nobody and nothing

When you’re feeling down and out

Stand in from of a mirror

Wipe away your tears and listen, please.

Look at your head

How much is your mind worth to you?

To think healthy thoughts, to learn new things

To solve problems, to invent and create.

Look at your eyes

How much is your sight worth to you?

To see all the colours and shapes of the world around you

To protect your way, read a book, to educate.

Look at your nose

How much is your smell worth to you?

To smell different fragrances of life and nature

To warn of danger and pungent smells.

Look at your mouth

How much is your taste worth to you?

To taste different flavours sweet and sour, mellow, and spicy

To show when you’re happy, sad, calm, or angry.

Look at your ears

How much is your hearing worth to you?

To hear the birds and nature’s sounds

To respond to the sounds of people and things.

Look at your throat

How much is your voice worth to you?

To talk and sing, laugh and cry

To speak your mind, ask how and why?

Look at your arms

How much are your arms and elbows worth to you?

To hold and lift, to push and pull

To hug and welcome, to defend and protect.

Look at your hands

How much are your palms and fingers worth to you?

To feel textures rough and smooth, hot, and cold

To touch, manoeuvre, type and write.

Look at your body

How much are your heart, lungs, and stomach worth to you?

Working unconsciously day and night

Despite our neglect, they keep us alive.

Look at your back

How much are your shoulders, spine, and hips worth to you?

To stand, sit, bend and twist

To send messages to the brain, organs, and limbs.

Look at your legs

How much are your thighs, calves, and feet worth to you?

To walk and run, to skip and dance

To bend and climb, to walk beside.

You are rich in these things

Don’t waste a day wishing your life away

Wishing life were different somehow

Life is fleeting so count your blessings.

Create something with your body so rich

Share your newfound wealth with someone else

Dig up your treasure that you’ve just discovered

Earn interest by investing in good relationships.

Give away a smile as you walk and talk

Shake hands, give a hug, give a helping hand

Tell a joke, make someone laugh

Sing a song, dance with a friend

These gifts cost nothing, yet they are priceless.

Beverley Joy © 2020 of Simply Story Poetry. All Rights Reserved.

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